Videos (Deutsch)

  • Wolfgang Walker über Psychotherapie 1 (2010): Wolfgang Walker  spricht  über Grenzen des klassischen NLP und spannende Neuentwicklungen (9 min, produziert von Lucas C. Derks), youtube.
  • Wolfgang Walker über Psychotherapie 2 (2010), Wolfgang Walker spricht über die im Rahmen des ‘International Laboratory for Mental Space Research’ (ILMSR) entwickelte Methode des “Symptom Modeling”; sie hilft die Kluft zwischen den Sphären der Diagnostik und der Interventionsarbeit zu schließen (8 min, produziert von Lucas C. Derks), youtube.
  • Ralf Käppler spricht mit Lucas Derks: persönliche Worte von Lucas Derks zum Thema NLP und dem Sinn und Zweck des von ihm entwickelten “Sozial Panorama” (9 min, produziert vom Stepout Trainerteam, Dresden, Sachsen), youtube.
  • Interview mit Lucas Derks (2008): Lucas Derks spricht über seine Arbeit mit dem “Sozialen Panorama” und die Atmosphäre auf dem 21. Internationalen Metaforum-Sommer-Camp in Abano Terme, Venetien) im Juli/August 2008 (10 min, produziert vom Metaforum Germany), youtube.

Videos (English)

  • Applications of Mental Space Research (2010): Lucas Derks, discoverer of the Social Panorama System, talks about the cognitive linguistic concept of “mental space” and some implications for psychotherapy and coaching (9:28 min, produced by Lucas C. Derks).
  • Perception of Space (2010): Walter Ötsch talks about major changes in the perception and experience of time from ancient greece to the middle ages up to the modern world. Along with that he discusses some implications for basic psychological concepts that underlie therapeutic theory and practice (9:26 min, produced by Lucas C. Derks).
  • Time Lines and Psychiatry (2008): Wolfgang Walker explains the role of the unconscious structure of time representation in mental space (time lines) that seems to underlie some psychiatric phenomena. Taking the example of a depressive client, he shows why cognitive approaches will have to fail as well as solely resource- and outcome oriented approaches of classical NLP (4:09 min, produced by Lucas C. Derks).
  • NLP and Science (2008): Walter Ötsch and Charles Faulkner talk about NLP and its actual as well as potential relationship to scientific discourses (7:40 min, produced by Lucas C. Derks).
  • Farlty Gwazda on mental space dynamic mapping (2008): an attempt to create a dynamic mapping of a simple two person conversation in realtime, exploring how they communicate mental spaces to contextualize the facts they relay to one another. (10 min), youtube.
  • George Lakoff (2008): Professor Lakoff lectures about his book “The Political Mind: Why You Can’t Understand 21st-Century American Politics with an 18th-Century Brain” (1 h: 3 min), youtube.